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Dark Bathroom Ideas You Can't Miss

The new black is the new white. A popular alternative to dark-coloured bathrooms or those with deep tints is the all-white or neutral bathroom.

Dark baths make an impact on style and wealth by evoking elegance and power. Your bathroom will feel dark and mysterious. The bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to be dark. There should be plenty of lighting and natural sunlight.

Here are some ideas to create the perfect dark bathroom.

Use dark colors for your walls

You can start by selecting dark paint or tile colours from a brooding colour palette that includes rich browns, subdued and greys, as well as almost-blacks.

You can choose one dominant dark colour, and then add your other colors and textures around it. The key to a great dark bathroom is understanding light reflection and light.

Try a variety of tones

You should consider your home's general colour scheme when choosing the amount of darkness you would like to achieve. While your bathroom is unique and special, it doesn’t have to be a standout. 

You can paint walls in a simple manner once you have decided on your color palette. But, it’s possible to hire a professional bathroom painter for help.

You should choose a different tone for your surfaces if you have dark walls. This will give character and aesthetic appeal.

Texture is important

You can create a dynamic monochromatic palette by using a lot of tactile, dark surface treatments and metals. For a texture wall, you can use darker-toned natural stone (marbles basalts granites), concrete or tiles.

The bathroom’s texture is evident in everything, from the tiled wall to the mixture of materials in it, and even the tapware that’s matte black. This bathroom has a wonderful tone-ontone dark theme.

Choose a dark tile

If you are looking for something dark, elegant and sophisticated, a dark bathroom will do the trick. You can choose bold handmade clay tiles that have an organic flavour and lots texture, but they are not shiny or matte. 

For a touch of visual interest and movement, texture 3D tiles are another option. A high gloss 3D tile works well in darker bathrooms as it reflects as much natural light as possible.

Use dark wood with light wood

Be simple. You should start with the main colour. Then, add complimenting colours gradually. Timber or timber veneer is a good choice for a surface treatment. It will add warmth, texture, and an organic touch. Concrete statement tubs with dark grey tapware can echo a charcoal wall colour. This is then combined with ash tones and blonde wood tones.

The addition of timber to the bathroom can help lighten dark areas. It also adds warmth and a feeling of connection with nature. Timber could be the hero in dark bathrooms, as it counteracts the gravity of dark walls.

Accept the harshness of the industrial era

Monochrome dark bathrooms with industrial styling are well-suited for the look. For an industrial look, you can expose your pipes in dark bathrooms. Combining piping with brassware creates an industrial vibe.

Make your skin mottled

Are you a fan of terrazzo’s starry, speckled appearances? Terrazzo is a great way to add deeper tones without making it look flat. This is a good choice for a modern and clean look.

Dark accents are a good idea

Rectangular Counter Top Basin

Dark bathroom themes can be accepted even if you don’t want to darken walls or floors. You can choose black statement vanities or basins. You can experiment with darker or more vibrant sanitary ware pieces in place of the usual white. You should let the statements pieces do the talking while keeping the rest of your room simple and controlled.

A vanity mirror installer can assist with all your face-level storage requirements. Unique mirrors and bespoke designs must be professionally wall-mounted in order to not damage tiles.

Use bright accents

It is possible to make a bathroom that looks dark and dingy with brighter fittings and fixtures. This works well, even if you don’t have polished chrome, warm brass or copper. Alternately, you can combine dark tones and lighter-coloured woods.

Think about the lustre

Make sure you have a beautiful balance between dark and light colours when creating your bathroom. Contrast or balance dark colours with light and reflective high lustre materials when designing a bathroom. You could use shiny metal fixtures such as tapware, showerheads and frames to make dark walls lighter, or you could offset them with matte surfaces like glossy porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Use mirrors to your advantage

Mirrors add light to dark rooms and increase space. A larger mirror will have a more dramatic effect so choose large mirrors with striking designs. Mirrors are not only able to reflect light, but they also add depth to an area.

To the mix, add zellige tile

You can add elegance and sophistication to a bathroom wall by using beautiful charcoal zellige ceramic tiles. They are a great way darken a bathroom because of how tiles catch and reflect light. Even matte tiles can produce soft, textured spaces with many light variations.

Reclaimed wood that has been stained can be used.

To give your rustic bathroom urban appeal, use darker tones. Reclaimed wood can be used to create a rustic feel. Natural wood is typically warm and welcoming, but rescued or damaged wood has many personality traits.

Contrast is a great tool!

For bathrooms with dark walls, it is especially helpful to have a stark contrast of black surfaces and other colors. It doesn’t matter if you keep your fixtures or sanitary ware in white to contrast with dark walls or add fascinating accessories. Only a few highlights are needed of complementary or contrasting colours. Mirrors, lighting and high-contrast accents are all necessary to bring light to a dark matte wall.

Opt to have a dark tiled bathroom.

To add movement and contrast to a dark bathroom, use tile work. Your bathroom’s walls will be the most visible. Therefore, the color and pattern of your tiles can serve as a backdrop for all other elements. You can keep some white to contrast with darker-toned tiles. For assistance in tiling your bathroom, you can contact a local tiler.

A beautiful shower of rain will bring you joy

Rainfall Shower

A dark tiled shower gives off a feeling of calm and comfort. You can make the experience even more memorable by using a rain head.

Give it a glossy coat

Use of high-sheen material will ensure that light bounces around dark, absorbent bathrooms. The space’s reflectivity will be increased by fittings and surfaces that are reflective or glistening, such as metals, glass, and other polished materials.

If you have a bathroom with a feature tile in it, ensure that it looks great all the time.

If you can, have it backlit

Backlit Mirror

You can use a mirror with a backlight to illuminate dark wall tiles so you have enough light to perform self-care tasks.

You don’t have to be afraid of wearing your greys as they are

Concrete has a natural sombre hue, making it a good choice for dark bathrooms. Concrete must have enough variety to avoid flatness. Concrete’s natural grey colour is like a blank canvas and can be used as a backdrop to any ever-changing colours you add to decorations or bath products.

Dark lighting fixtures

It is much easier to create a romantic atmosphere using dark vanities, sinks, or bathtubs rather than white standouts. Monochrome rooms can be enhanced with dramatic shapes and forms.

Are you worried about the durability and longevity of a dark bathroom. It doesn’t mean you have to stick with a design for the long-term. It is easy to add dark colors to walls or decorations. But you can also keep your options open and use white sanitary ware. This will create contrast but allow you to go back to a lighter bathroom.